Guys, I cant tell you how often I hear that question. Why the heck is it so difficult to grasp the concept that addiction is NO different from ANY other disease out there???


Origin: Southeast Asia. Comes from a leaf form from a tree. Usually put into capsules.

Purpose: was used as an anti-diarrheal medication, pain killer and recreation.

Onset: within 30min and may last up to 10 hours.

The drug is called a “new psychoactive substance”

Mechanism: TWO-fold

1) at low doses it works like a stimulant (like methamphetamine or cocaine). Makes a person more sociable, talkative and increases their energy level.

2) at higher doses it works like an opioid/sedative (like oxy or heroin) and causes lethargy and euphoria

HERE IS THE KICKER: patients will often come to me and ask if Kratum is ok to use to get off opiates… (read what I just wrote above….) the stuff WORKS like and opiate… so YES of course it will help get rid of your withdrawls from opiates if you take something that works on the opiate receptor. So that begs the question: how does taking another opiate help you get off the first opiate. The reason we use methadone and suboxone is that they are massively long acting opiate like meds that help us wean patients down “SLOWLY”. Kratum wears off in a few hours at best. So its not really a good tool to wean off. You cant really use a short acting opiate to wean off another short acting opiate. Dont get me wrong, it will help get rid of withdrawals but whats your goal? Get rid of withdrawals or get rid of the opiate alltogether? I would think getting off opiates alltogether would be the best. THEN when off opiates go lock your brain down with naltrexone/vivitrol for another year or 10!.