About Dr. Edrich MD, FASAM, MRO

Dr. Andreas J. EdrichDr. Andreas J. Edrich, helps people of all ages and stages find better health. He is board-certified in family medicine and addiction medicine. He understands the complexity of addiction and treats the biologic, psychological, and sociological aspects that factor into a strong recovery. He’s helped hundreds of patients gain control over their lives through medication and integrated treatment plans for mental health. Through the administration of suboxone, he has freed hundreds of patients from the bonds of heroin addiction.

Although opioid addiction is the most common problem Dr Edrich is very passionate about treating patients will all types of addictions or substance use problems such as alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines etc.

In addition he also works carefully with local obstetricians to help pregnant women get thru their pregnancies while treating their substance use problems carefully and confidentially. He reminds all patients that confidentiality is paramount in his line of work and reassures all patients that none of their information is ever released to any one ever without express written consent by the patient. This is especially important for pregnant women who do not need to fear that their child will be taken away or CEO’s of large companies who need not fear that their work will ever discover their past use.