Why an addictionologist? Why not just see a “suboxone doc” ???

addiction doctorAre you addicted to opiates? Heroin? Pain killers? Have you surfed the web for “suboxone doc”? I have a lot of patients that have done this. They usually come to me having failed “suboxone” in the past. The reason, you might ask? Its because a doctor going to a saturday class to learn how to prescribe suboxone doesnt qualify them to be an addiction specialist any more than someone claiming they are an acupuncturist after a saturday needle course.

What are you looking for? If you need a few suboxone strips to tie you over between heroin hits then just buy them on the street. Not sure why you would bother. Its just simply cheaper to get straight heroin than bother with suboxone. Suboxone is really for people who are ready to address their addiction disorders with the BIG picture in mind. What a real addiction specialist will do for you is to investigate and treat all of the issues that caused your addiction in the first place. We treat everything not just the withdrawals and we make it last. Anyone can help you get thru withdrawals for a few days but keeping you clean for months and years is really what you want, isnt it?

Call me and lets sit and chat. No obligations. I wont force you to do anything you dont want but if you are ready to make a change in your life then Im your guy !