Naltrexone: How does it work?

Whats the difference between naltrexone and naloxone???

NaltrexoneNALOXONE is the rescue drug we give to patients that are found unconscious of an opioid overdose. It will pull you out of an overdose. Naloxone can be given IV or IM or intra nasally even. It wont work when swallowed. It works within seconds. Naloxone is what they carry on ambulances and in hospitals. Its available over the counter now in many states such as mine in Colorado. At Heritage Hills Addiction Medicine and Mental Health we routinely ask all of our patients to carry this medication. I have had countless patients tell me how they have used this medicaiton to save the lives of others. You cant really use it on yourself if you overdose but others can use it on you. Its good if everyone who has opiates prescribed to carry this med with them. Its kind of like an epi-pen. When you need it, it can really save a life!! GET ONE.

NALTREXONE is a very similar medication that we use for patients to keep their opiate cravings on lockdown. Ill go into much more detail on this medication in the future so stay posted or visit us at In brief, Naltrexone is a pill that is only absorbed orally and enters the brain where it blocks the opioid receptor called the Mu receptor. Its not clear on how it also reduces cravings for alcohol use but it has been shown to help here. One theory is that some of the alcohol by-products have a structure that looks a lot like a piece or opiate and by blocking this piece re reduce the reward effect that alcohol has on the brain. Again, ill go into much more detail on this in the future.

Remember to follow us as I go thru the many facets of addiction medicine and mental health that are so closely intertwined.